We are The Sisterhood Creative, a creative space for women in and around Nottingham.
It was set up in November 2018 by Bridie Lewis and Leah Wareham, who wanted to create a space for women that was safe, fun and empowering.

The group is still very new but the aims are to:

- Provide a safe space for creativity 
- Meet every month to discuss work and provide a place for supportive critique 
- Provide workshops to further skills, have fun and get creative

With the focus being on (but not at all restricted to) photography, the monthly socials dedicate part of the evening to discussing everyone's projects and photographs and gives a chance for those who would like critique on their work. 

We usually meet on the last Friday of every month 6-8pm at The Photo Parlour, Nottingham but we do occasionally have trips out to exhibitions etc. so do keep on eye on our social media pages for any changes!

This blog will be a space to share what the group has been up to, as well as a place for members to post anything they would like to feature!

If you would share something on our blog please do get in touch at:


The Sisterhood Creative

IG: @thesisterhoodcreative


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